Bidding Requirements

To participate in a live online auction you need to:

  1. Have an account with Collectors Corner,
  2. Be approved to bid in the auction you are interested in,
  3. Have your system configured correctly for the bidding software.

Creating A New Account

Creating an account on Collectors Corner gives you access to membership tools that help you keep track of your auctions, items and absentee bids, allow you to edit your profile, change your password, etc. It also allows you to make absentee bids before the auctions commence as well as gives you access via Collectors Corner online live bidding software.

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Getting Approved To Bid

In order to be allowed to bid in an auction you will need to get approved by the auctioneer. Simply enter the data required by the auctioneer, by clicking any of the Get Approved To Bid buttons or links, then submit your data. Usually you will be automatically approved on the spot, but sometimes the auctioneer will need to review your information manually before approving you.

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System Configuration

To ensure smooth and efficient live online bidding, we highly recommend that you configure your system for use with the Collectors Corner bidding software before the date of the auction.

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